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TI4 e-learning platform


Welcome to the e-learning platform of the TI4 project.

The main purpose of the project is in line with the goal of the ERASMUS + program, which is focused on the development of high quality, open and innovative educational materials and tools for studying technology Industry 4: Advanced Robotics, Internet of Things, Digital Twin, Additive Manufacturing, Virtual Reality, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence for teachers and trainers of vocational education.

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M01en - Internet of Things (IoT)
M02en - Advanced robotics
M03en - Big data analysis
This module includes introductory topics on Big Data Analysis and applications within the context of Industry 4.0. No prior knowledge is required to acquire the basic concepts introduced with the provided learning material. Some of the pre ...
M04en - 3D printing, Adaptive production
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